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| On-Board Feedback Management |
Most often employees leave because they feel they are not valued. Majority of new employees feel out of place, because the management fails to either solicit or listen to their opinion. Seeking timely feedback through Skill....
| Employee Engagement Survey |
For any organization moving on the path of success and growth, it is very important to have employees who have a sense of pride in their work and in their organization. Employee engagement is the most important factor in the overa....
| Stay Interviews Management |
There is a proven saying – Prevention is better than cure. In line with the same, if companies are diligent enough to understand the factors influencing their employees, they could avoid a big chunk of turnover in the future.....
| Exit Feedback Management |
While Stay interviews provide a great tool they cannot be the replacement for exit interviews. In corporate world, job hopping is quite a normal phenomenon and there is going to be some attrition.  Zero departures are never de....
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