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Stay Interviews Management
There is a proven saying – Prevention is better than cure. In line with the same, if companies are diligent enough to understand the factors influencing their employees, they could avoid a big chunk of turnover in the future.
Studies reveal that 50% of the workforce is totally disengaged and looking for another job. So when you survey your employees, and want to know the real issues that are affecting them and the organization’s productivity,
Stay Interviews is the answer. Stay interview can be considered as the antonym of "exit interview". If the companies could know what factors are causing employees to want to stay in the company, or why they are planning to leave, it was possible to take some proactive action to avoid their departure. Stay interviews create an impact in the following ways:
  • Validate employee feelings.
  • Create healthy and stress-free work environment.
  • Being pro-active in nature pre-empts many damaging situations.
  • Employees feel valued thus improving their engagement.
  • Improve relationships and teamwork.
  • Help reduce unwanted employee turnover.
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