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| Performance Management System |
Skillscape believes that designing a robust Performance Management system is an organization-wide management program that provides a structured approach to communicate business strategy of the organization. It must establish a shar....
| Balanced Score Card Implementation |
Performance measurement has always been a matter of intensive research. Balanced Score Card has been the result of a deep study conducted with a belief that existing performance measurement approaches - primarily relying on financi....
| HR Systems, Policies and Procedures |
With Skillscape, development of Policy Manuals is not a mechanical process. Every organization is different and unique. As such no standard rules can work for every workplace. Skillscape works with the people within an organization and ensures t....
| HR Audit |
The worth of any policy, system or procedure is not more than the price of a few megabytes of space it occupies on a computer – if not implemented in letter and spirit. Skillscape Audit ensures th....
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