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Performance Management System
Skillscape believes that designing a robust Performance Management system is an organization-wide management program that provides a structured approach to communicate business strategy of the organization. It must establish a shared understanding of what is to be achieved and how it is to be achieved. It should also facilitate management of self and others, not only to measure performance but also act as a motivational tool to encourage superior performance.
Some established facts reveal that organizations that have robust performance management systems are generally more successful than the organizations that do not. There is a dire need to make appraisals more behavior-based and objective. A well designed performance management system can be used for many things besides appraisal.
Skillscape ensures that a PMS helps to:
  • Provide an opportunity to the employees for self-reflection and individual goal setting.
  • Facilitate planned and monitored employee growth across organization.
  • Identify developmental needs of each employee with respect to his/her role and function.
  • Provide inputs to system of rewards comprising salary, increments, appreciation, additional responsibilities, promotions, etc.
  • Identify employees having high potential and supporting them to realize their full potential.
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