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| DISC Psychometric Profiling |

DISC provides an accurate insight into the inherent profile of an individual, how they behave at work and changes in behavior when subject to pressure conditions. It reveals their strengths and limitations, communication style and motivational req

| CORE Multidimensional Mapping |

 CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile is the only instrument that accurately measures the critical three -

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Development Levels
  3. Coping Abilities
| Competency Evaluation & Mapping |
Competency Evaluation and Competency Mapping needs to be seen beyond the appraisal process. Skillscape aims at making the evaluation exercise objective. Specially designed tools are deployed to ensure that subjectivity is weeded ou
| 360 Degree Feedback |
3600 Feedback or Multi Rater Feedback is one of the most powerful tools for people development. The power of this tool lies in the robustness of the design and the confidentiality of data. The success of this exercise la
| Assessment (& Development) Centre |

Assessment & Development Centers (ADC) enable you to manage your teams better, improve performance, reduce conflict and improve job satisfaction and morale.

Skillscape undertakes to design Assessment tools in line with organizat

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