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How to Plan Effective Training - It's More Than Just Content

by Leigh-Ann Zaharewich

Planning for training takes more than pulling information together to create content. There is much more beyond that. Having conversations with constituents will ensure that the training is effective.

Negative Side of Competency Mapping

by Ashok Grover

Competency mapping is a very effective tool for improving performance of employees and in turn that of the organization. But is it really a safe bet? Not necessarily, unless handled with care!

3 Ways to Know if Training is Effective

by Leigh-Ann Zaharevich

Have you ever been in a training, on either side of the podium, and realized that the participants are not getting what the trainer is talking about? It can be uncomfortable for both sides, and make for an ineffective presentation.

Recipe for Making a Good Trainer

by Ashok Grover

Going with the spirit of ROI, any HR training must focus on business through improved competencies hence performance, reduction in costs and a congenial working environment. How to become a trainer to ensure this!

Staff Development Options

by Deborah Laurel

Organizations that invest in staff development have found that it improves efficiency, productivity, employee morale and job satisfaction while ensuring the continuation of institutional knowledge and reduction in employee turnover and costs.

Training OR Development ?

by Ashok Grover

The term “Training & Development” is used quite often; but have you ever pondered what is the difference between “training” and “development”?  Do they mean the same thing? If yes, then why use two terms instead of one? If not, why not?

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