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How Not to Implement a Balanced Score Card

by Ashok Grover

There are many turnaround and success stories floating around as a result of successful implementation of Balanced Score Card. However, these critical issues need to be taken care of to write your own success story.

Myths of the Rating Scale

by Marnie Green

If your organization's performance evaluation system uses a rating scale, you have inevitably heard some crazy ideas about performance evaluations. Here are some myths that prevent us from using the performance evaluation ratings to improve employee performance.

5 Steps to Better Performance: Achieving Business Results Through People

by John Arul

In the VUCA environment, the managers and team leaders are under constant pressure to keep their survival mode alive by fighting the fire on a regular basis. It is time for them to work on better options than regular firefighting!

Performance Management or Performance Punishment

by Jan Sky

The performance appraisals are aimed at continuous improvement. However, poor performance managers 'performance punish' their staff and create situations such as overlooking achievements and focussing on what staff are doing wrong... thus instiling 'fear' in staff members.

Getting Rid of Performance Evaluations Is a Bad Idea

by Marnie Green

Thinking about Eliminating Performance Evaluations? Is it in fashion now-a-days? Beware! This article discusses what will happen if your organization gets rid of the performance evaluation.

Why to Discuss a Manpower Review?

by Artur Victoria

Do you know that more productive and constructive man-manager appraisal discussions result from the use of a performance appraisal form prepared by the subordinate as contrasted with the usual form prepared by the manager? Interesting (and useful!)

How to Extract Superior Performance from Your People

by Ashok Grover

What do you do when your team does not appear to be performing in spite of your pushing it to the limits? What are the options available to you? What is the right approach?

Catch Them Doing Something Right

by DP Sabharwal

Everybody yearns for recognition, more so because most of the time, they are hearing words of negation and criticism. Small gestures like noticing your subordinate doing some good work and compliment him then and there, can do wonders.

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