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Business Leadership Training and Succession Planning

by Andre Boykin

All businesses need to have great leadership; but does it mean great leadership only in the top management of the company? What is the importance of business leadership training?

All businesses need to have great leadership. Great leadership should not only be found in the top management of the company; but, everyone in the company ought to have leadership skills. That's why business leadership training should be part of every company's talent management strategy. Another key component of a company's talent management strategy should be succession planning.

Succession planning is a methodology of identifying top performers and preparing those top performers to be promoted in the organization. Succession planning is something every company can do and there are many benefits to having a succession planning program.

Benefits Of Having A Succession Planning Program:

  • Increases the ability to attract top talent
  • Increases the ability to keep top talent
  • Reduces recruiting costs
  • Increases employee satisfaction
  • Increases productivity
  • Creates "bench strength"
  • Facilitates the growth of the organization

Great succession planning starts with the process of identifying top performers. There are several methods to identify top performers. There is the performance appraisal. You can use 360 degree feedback assessments or other assessments to determine who the top performers in the organization are. The main thing is you want to have a consistent approach to identifying top performers. Keep in mind when identifying top performers that just because a person is exceeding expectations in one position does not mean they will meet expectations in another. Just because a person is a great sales person does not mean they will be a great sales manager.

You want to look at the skill sets required for the jobs that a person could potentially be promoted into and determine if the top performer is a fit for the position. At this stage you're mostly looking at a fit from a behavioral, motivation, and capacities standpoint. The best way to determine these attributes of a person is to use validated employee assessments. The assessments will tell you if the person has the "raw talent" to be successful in more responsible positions. If a person has the "raw talent" or potential, everything else can be trained.

That's where business leadership training comes into play. Business leadership training is needed so a person that moves up in an organization has the skill set to get results in the new position. There is a baseline of leadership skills training that everyone needs to master. This basic leadership training lays a solid foundation for further leadership development.

After basic leadership training, you want to have each person work on the leadership skills they need to move to the next level. Also keep in mind that business leadership training can come in many forms. It does not have to be all classroom type training. The training could be online, a coaching and mentoring program, a project team assignment, etc. The point is there is no limit to the creative ways that you can help someone develop advanced leadership skills.

Succession planning and business leadership training go hand in hand. You want to use both effectively to achieve organizational goals now and in the future.

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From: Andre Boykin - Managing Partner, CAPITAL iDEA and Co-Creator of Leadership Development Essentials.

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