The Importance of Employee Feedback Surveys
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The Importance of Employee Feedback Surveys

by Claire A Morgan

How critical is the regular pulse check of employee satisfaction and engagement? Research shows that satisfied, motivated employees will create higher customer satisfaction and in turn positively influence organizational performance.


There are many advantages for getting feedback from employees. However it's done, feedback is necessary for guiding a small business toward its goals.

Research shows that satisfied, motivated employees will create higher customer satisfaction and in turn positively influence organizational performance.

Regular pulse checks of employee satisfaction and engagement are critical if you want to your business to thrive and grow. Not to mention that the power of reputation is greatly heightened by a satisfied and contented workforce.

If you make employees feel as if their opinions matter, you will aid in boosting their productivity. When employees get to safely share their appraisals, they feel valued. Their opinion is considered when making business decisions and developments. They start caring more about how the business is progressing. Contributing to your workplace gives an employee a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Similarly, employee surveys help employers measure and understand employee attitudes, feedback, motivation, and satisfaction. And you'll, in turn, discover if the company's objectives are clearly represented by managers.

Employee surveys are not just about evaluating the skills, attitudes and performance of your lower level employees. These surveys also give a great insight into how your workforce is being managed and operated. Managers who contribute or cause actively disengaged employees are said to cost the US an estimated $450-550 billion per year.

Employee feedback and ideas are an invaluable resource to help you understand the current dynamics of the workplace and also identify training requirements or learning activities across the entire company. Measuring employee engagement with regular polls helps you spot potential issues early and take action.

Here are 4 tips to a successful employee survey

  1. Keep it confidential - if you want true and honest answers from your staff, anonymity is key!
  2. Don't ask questions if you are not prepared to address the responses - there is nothing more soul-destroying for an employee who has taken the time to give feedback about the workplace and have it ignored. The chances of that employee giving useful and honest feedback the next time round is greatly diminished if the answers given are not addressed.
  3. Give feedback to the employees - let them know how their opinions are being taken into consideration. Show how their feedback has been used within the business for change.
  4. Feedback to respondents within a reasonable timeframe - the longer you wait to provide feedback to your staff, the less interested and more despondent they will become to future surveys.

By using the information gathered to implement positive change you can encourage and promote the enthusiasm of your employees for any future survey participation.

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