Future Use of Technology in Talent Acquisition
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Future Use of Technology in Talent Acquisition

by Supriya Nigam

In this fast-paced world, rules of the game have changed and staying up-to-date with the latest technology in talent acquisition is vital to becoming effective in recruitment. Have a look at the options available.

In this fast-paced world distance, geographies and time zones are not limiting the talent acquisition teams. Every day we are acquainted with a novel method of recruitment and technology (HRMS) knows no bound in Talent Acquisition.

To save time, money, energy and effort - CRM (Customer Relationship Management) teams are coming up with breakthrough ways of communicating, short listing, interviewing, assessing, and selecting the right candidates. Organisations with up-to-date technology supporting their talent acquisition team are ready to change the world.

Social recruiting not just convenient but effective: It is surprising that almost 89% of the job seekers use social media or social networking sites, and nearly half of them are active on these every day (source: Forbes.com).CRM teams nowadays scan social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, etc. to know more about the candidate and to better judge the fit with the organization's vision. Job information is also shared with the candidate via online career portals such as Monster and Naukri; candidates can apply using these portals. HRMS teams have started using engaging activities that are conducted online to quicken the selection process.

Video-based interview no less than a face-to-face interview and highly efficient: to save time, commuting as well as arranging a face-to-face meeting, an organisation's now preferred Video interviews. Candidates are chosen the same way; however, it is proving to be much easier for both the talent acquisition teams and the candidates. Reducing the stress to travel for the candidates and providing a larger scope of interviewing candidates from distant places with better credentials.

Mobile-friendly job portal (Android/iOS/Windows compatible): CRM teams suggest that it is better to have your career-related portal for organisations. This helps in posting job openings, requirements and growth stories for candidates as well as for existing employees. It is no more just cool to have a inbuilt mobile-friendly app in existing HRMS but a necessity.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Every organisation needs a state-of-the-art ATS, without this the chances of losing a potential candidate increases. CRM teams use cut-throat technology to monitor the talent acquisition process and the organisation with the best ATS gains more from it than others who don't. ATS manages everything from the resume of the candidate to the entire talent acquisition process and hence has become the best friend of the CRM teams.

Onboarding Technology in HRMS nothing but the best: Top recruiters in the industry are known to go the extra mile, and that does not end with the selection of the right candidate, having the most efficient onboarding technology is imperative. This helps both the talent acquisition team as well the candidate. It has been seen that having a good onboarding technology helps in employee retention as well.

Staying up-to-date with the latest technology in talent acquisition is vital to becoming the best in recruitment. The talent acquisition teams have to be flexible in adopting novel methods to recruit candidates and to be the best. Latest HRMS Technology is providing the best tools to help CRM teams succeed.

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